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EDPA Access-Day 3

Closing Party

It’s been a busy week and we just wrapped the EDPA Access 2012 event. The final day was full of breakfast roundtable discussions, interesting lectures and final networking.

The event offered two separate tracks for attendees, one with a business focus and the other concentrated on.. Read more…

Discussions & Networking – EDPA Day 2

Discussions, Dinners, Drinks

After a fun dinner for the French themed welcome reception, Thursday proved to be a full day of insights and networking. There was a speed networking secession with suppliers which was good for meeting lots of vendors in one swoop.

Then things got interesting when the discussions opened up to the topics of the industry, its financial state of affairs, and … Read more…

Fun Theory

We really dig this concept and everything behind the Fun Theory. Great use of Edu-Tainment! Our concept for Cochlear Hearing used a harmonic sand visualizer to convey the impact of hearing in a similar fashion. We’re looking to utilize more of these qualities in our next concept!

Volkswagen’s Fun Theory

Keynote Speaker – EDPA Day 1

Perspective Matters

Anytime you mix a comedian, a minister, and a psychologist your’re getting some great insights! Keynote speaker, Dr. Will Miller was awesome. And, I’m spent! Just wrapped a busy day of lectures and networking, at the EDPA Access event. I’ve met alot of great people and have had some great conversations. More tomorrow..

-Erik Ewert


Away we go! ACCESS for EDPA

It’s wheels up and off to Palm Springs! This event is looking to be a lot of fun and a great chance to expand our industry knowledge, explore some new techniques and learn from the best. Specifically, I’m excited to dive deep into the topics outside of the design perspective, and soak up insight on the aspects of costing and marketing leadership.  These are inter dynamic issues crucial to shaping winning concepts. It will be great to grow our skills and bring more insight home to our clients.

I’ll be posting some random updates from the EDPA ACCESS 2012 and looking to keep it interesting and relevant. I’m also looking forward to seeing industry friends, meeting new peers and partners. We’ll also be introducing our talents and design services to builders. We had great success recently, winning the EDPA Midwest’s Designers Challenge, and would love to show more companies what we can do for them. See our 1st place concept here.

Escaping the impending mid-western winter seems like a great idea too. Maybe I’ll see you out there!

Erik Ewert
Traditional and comfy leather saddle

Bicycle Attire: Style and Function

Even with the resurgence in 1990’s bright colors there has been the simultaneous up-swelling of all things 1912ish. From craft cocktails, and riding boots this re-purposed era is finding many new fans, including  bike culture.  It’s actually a revolution, not in the style of political unrest, but a return to an era of  materials and fabric which were practical, stylish  Read more…