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Traditional and comfy leather saddle

Bicycle Attire: Style and Function

Even with the resurgence in 1990’s bright colors there has been the simultaneous up-swelling of all things 1912ish. From craft cocktails, and riding boots this re-purposed era is finding many new fans, including  bike culture.  It’s actually a revolution, not in the style of political unrest, but a return to an era of  materials and fabric which were practical, stylish 

and functional for generations. Tweed jackets, leather saddles, and knee high socks which allow for riders to enjoy a seamless urban experience. No need for revealing and a bit excessive spandex for your city commute only to change your clothes yet again on your arrival, that is if you don’t want to roam into Starbucks dressed like a Norwegian Luge Racer…

Check out this recent story and pics…

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