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Randy Party Shocks Guests and Everyone Else

How to Freak Out Your Client, Just Ignore Their Values – Completely

Listening to clients and understanding their motivations and values is essential to delivering the right message. The recent debauchery at a Sundance Film Festival after-party, hosted for a venerated brand name agency, is a shocking example of lost perspective and bad judgement.

Many times a client will say they need a “WOW Factor” when crafting a new event. After several layers of conference calls, a sprinkle of Hollywood culture, and this common request might become an un-caged animal of an idea. That’s cool, we love crazy ideas. We love the journey those ideas take us on and the unexpected results that follow. But keeping perspective is essential, and a key role of the creative agency.

The successful outcome of any campaign rides on the ability to translate that wild idea into a fitting concept that ensures the integrity of the hosting company. Admittedly, this is not always an easy task.

Getting Reckless – We’re calling it out; this recent event at Sundance has the semblance of a brash and excitable valet driver joyriding an ‘A’ lister’s Bently off-road through the Wasatch Range. Cameron Frye would be pissed. And like Cameron later realized,              Read more…

Color Jam: Street Art in the Loop

color jam - art loop

3-Dimensional Painting

Dreaming of summer in the depths of a frigid January day has us reflecting on the fun and colorful things of summer 2012. Our neighborhood, in Chicago’s Loop, was bedazzled with surprising displays of playful color. Artist Jessica Stockholder  envisioned a “three dimensional painting” spilling out of the windows. We applaud the imagination and gumption it takes to conceive, persuade and execute such a large scale and whimsical installation. Bold color swaths of temporary, foil-backed vinyl covered every possible surface; including heavily trafficked walkways, lamps and store windows.  Read more…

EDPA Access-Day 3

Closing Party

It’s been a busy week and we just wrapped the EDPA Access 2012 event. The final day was full of breakfast roundtable discussions, interesting lectures and final networking.

The event offered two separate tracks for attendees, one with a business focus and the other concentrated on.. Read more…